NANO Antivirus White Label

NANO Antivirus White Label is a platform for development of co-branding versions of NANO Antivirus Pro. It is intended for clients who want to release their own antivirus product but don’t want or can’t to start complicated, long-term and expensive process of the development of an antivirus from the scratch.

We offer to you a decision which permits to get you own new brand antivirus with your logo, color scheme, localization etc with all benefits of NANO Antivirus Pro and in a short time. You care about your business and we care about all technical matters.

NANO Antivirus White Label benefits
  • The highest quality which is confirmed by independent tests and certifications.
  • The reasonable price.
  • Taking into account all your requirements.
  • Addition of new functionality if necessary.
  • A short time of development.
  • Capability of update via our own data-center.
  • Use of your own design for an interface.
  • Your own licensing schema for your product.
  • The priority line of technical support.

We are glad to answer all your questions, to offer an optimal decision on the basis of your terms and budget. Send us your request via the form below. Please specify your email where we will send our reply.

Also you can reach us by e-mail